September 2020 Return Information

We know that many students across all the year groups, along with their families, will be concerned about being behind with their learning or will be anxious about returning in September. We are taking every precaution possible to ensure that all on site are as safe as possible. However, for this to happen effectively, we need everyone on site to show social responsibility. We all must follow the rules and safety measures in place to ensure that we look after ourselves and everyone else on site. We know that you will support us in ensuring that your children follow these rules. The overarching aim of our behaviour policy is to promote positive behaviour, to ensure our students grow into safe, respectful and responsible citizens and to allow them to learn in a calm environment.

Be safe, be respectful, be responsible.

To support safety for all in the academy, we have put the following in place:
  • A one-way system has been in place throughout the academy for this half term, including designated up and down stairways and specific doors to enter or exit each block. This system will continue in September for all to adhere to for safety and to support the growing population of our academy over time.
  • Markers on the floor in corridors at 2-metre distance to ensure social distancing - this is to support all using the one way system, reminding them of the need to stay apart from others wherever possible.
  • Allocated seat for each student in classrooms, (teachers will decide on the seating plan)
  • Safety posters throughout the academy
  • Increased access to hand washing and sanitiser products both in the academy and outside with external washstations - all on site must wash their hands whenever possible.
  • Bins available in all rooms for used tissues as good respiratory hygiene is important - catch, bin it, kill it.
  • Assemblies will take place virtually with students in tutor group classrooms not gathered as one year group.
  • There are slightly staggered start and finish times at the start and end of the academy day, this is to reduce the number of students gathering in any one place.
  • To reduce contamination, in classrooms and in the dining room all students must face the same direction when seated.
    • In classrooms, tables have been moved so that all tables face the same direction.
    • In the dining room students will be informed by staff and displays which side of the table to sit. Please ensure that you have topped up your child's IPay account before September if they need to pay for food at break and dinner unless they are bringing a packed lunch. Remember, there is no food at breakfast - please ensure your child has eaten before they come to school.
Year groups are now in ‘bubbles’, this is to reduce and limit possible transmission between students. Each year group has:

  • An allocated ‘zone’ within the academy and the vast majority of lessons will take place in classrooms within this zone.
  • An allocated ICT classroom.
  • Year group Tutor Groups, this is a change from the previous setup. A letter explaining this was released previously.
  • An assigned set of toilets which ONLY they must use.
  • A separate entrance and exit gate - students must ONLY use this assigned gate.
  • A separate break and lunchtime (unfortunately we are no longer able to provide any food or drink at breakfast before the school day)

September - 1st Week ONLY Return Plan

Bubble Date to Return Arrival Time Students MUST use the allocated gate from
now onto enter and exit the academy
Year 7 Wednesday 9th Sep 8.10 - 8.20am Gate on Favell Avenue by the turning circle - right side of the barrier
Year 8 Thursday 10th Sep 1.15pm Gate on Favell Avenue by the turning circle - left side of the barrier
(Please ensure your child had had their lunch prior to arriving at the academy)
Year 9 Friday 11th Sep 1pm Gate on Favell Avenue by the staff car park - right side (car entrance)
(Please ensure your child has had their lunch prior to arriving at the academy)
Year 10 Friday 11th Sep 8.10 - 8.20am Gate on Favell Avenue by the staff car park - left side (walking entrance)
Year 11 Thursday 10th Sep 8.15 - 8.20am Gate on Snydale Road

Student Arrival Procedures Going Forward From Monday 14th September

Bubble Arrival Time -
Slightly Staggered
Students MUST use the allocated gate from
now onto enter and exit the academy
Year 7 8.10 - 8.20am Gate on Favell Avenue by the turning circle - right side of the barrier
Year 8 8.15 - 8.20am Gate on Favell Avenue by the turning circle - left side of the barrier
Year 9 8.15 - 8.20am Gate on Favell Avenue by the staff car park - right side (car entrance)
Year 10 8.10 - 8.20am Gate on Favell Avenue by the staff car park - left side (walking entrance)
Year 11 8.15 - 8.20am Gate on Snydale Road

Student Uniform and Resources

All students to please ensure they have their bag (large enough for an A4 folder). Students will receive their planner on their first day of return which then must be brought into the academy every day.

September will see the return of full uniform, please ensure that new uniform where required is purchased in plenty of time. I know that during this period of time many students may have changed their hair colour and grown accustomed to wearing nails and make-up, therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of our uniform expectations:

  • Full Academy uniform is expected at all times including uniform for PE.
  • Plain black socks when wearing trousers.
  • Plain black tights (at least 40 denier) when wearing a skirt.
  • Plain black, below the ankle, polishable, sensible school shoes (no canvas / plastic / trainers / boots, etc).
  • No jewellery except a wristwatch. (smart watches which connect to the internet/record media etc are not allowed)
  • Make-up must be very discrete, eyebrows of normal shape and colour, fake eyelashes are not allowed.
  • No nail varnish or false nails, hair must be a natural colour.
  • Chewing gum, fizzy pop (including energy drinks), big bags of sweets and crisps etc are now NOT allowed anywhere on site. We are aiming to be a healthy eating site. Students may wish to bring a refillable water bottle – there are water stations in the dining room where free fresh water can be accessed. Please note that students MUST have a water bottle to be able to use these water dispensers.
  • We are a no mobile phone site, phones are not allowed anywhere on the academy site. If your child chooses to bring in a phone, it must be switched off and in their bag. We are not liable for any breakages or theft.

To be safe for all, it is essential that students also have their own basic equipment (pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener, glue stick, whiteboard pen etc). We have purchased these items for students, however, students are encouraged to use their own. We do have a limited stock to give once to students - students must look after this equipment and bring it to the academy every day.

We would like to limit students sharing equipment as much as possible. It would be appreciated if your child could bring their own scientific calculator to use in lessons.

I know that some students find it very difficult to be organised in bringing their own planner and equipment to school every day, however, now more than ever it is their social responsibility to do this. Sharing of resources is discouraged.


One thing we can all do to limit the spread of this virus is to keep ourselves as clean as possible. Please wash clothes often, wash your hands with soap whenever possible, use the hand gel in every room, try not to touch other people or items unless necessary. Put all litter in a bin.

Public Health England does not (based on current evidence) recommend the use of face coverings in schools. This evidence will be kept under review. They are not required in schools as pupils and staff are mixing in consistent groups, and because misuse may inadvertently increase the risk of transmission. There may also be negative effects on communication and thus education.

Face coverings may be beneficial for short periods indoors where there is a risk of close social contact with people you do not usually meet and where social distancing and other measures cannot be maintained, for example on public transport or in shops.


If your child arrives by public transport, the Government states that they must wear a face mask on the vehicle. We have a bin for students to safely dispose of this, reusable face masks must be placed in a sealable plastic bag and put safely in their bag until the student requires them for their return journey.

Due to our bike store being in one designated area (Year 11 gate), we need to change the protocol for use. Students will not be allowed to bring their bike or scooter etc onto site for the first week. During this time we will establish who requires a designated space within the storage area and issue a permit which can then be used the following week (WC 14th September). For the safety of all students using this area the rules on the permit must be adhered to otherwise the permit will be removed, this includes wearing a cycle helmet to and from the academy and arriving on time to use the storage facility.

Contact with Parents and Carers

Every time a new visitor comes into the academy, for everyone’s safety, we will need to deep clean that area. Therefore, visitors are only allowed onto site in exceptional circumstances, e.g. to collect an ill child. Any conversations with staff must be by telephone and pre-arranged unless it is an absolute emergency. Our priority is to be with and support students in the academy. Please contact us to arrange a time for discussion by phone during the academy day on 01924 302560 or via email on: or via our contact page

At present we do not believe we will be able to hold events in the academy as we would normally do such as parents evenings, open evenings etc. This is currently being investigated as to how best to be able to communicate this information in a virtual capacity.

Please remember that we need to be able to make contact with you. If you have changed your contact details it is vital that you inform us of any changes.

Attendance to the Academy is Vitally Important

Please do not book holidays during term time as this will be counted as an unauthorised holiday and may incur a fine. Students must be in the academy unless they have Covid-19 symptoms, are too ill to leave their home for another reason or we have been informed of a prior appointment. Positive attendance is critical for your child to succeed. If you know that your child is going to be absent, please telephone the Academy where possible before 8:30am.

Please be reminded that if holidays to destinations that are not on the government approved list of countries a 14 day self isolation is required. Please notify the school if this will affect your child’s attendance in September etc.

INSET Dates (students will not be in the Academy on these days):

  • Monday 7th September 2020
  • Tuesday 8th September 2020
  • Friday 23rd October 2020
  • Friday 18th December 2020
  • Monday 26th July 2020

A full list of calendar dates will be available on our website very soon. We will text you when this is available.

Our Academy will look and feel different in September, this may be unsettling for some, however, everything we have done is to support the safety and welfare of all within it. I have also included some frequently asked questions which may support you, however, if you have any specific questions please contact us. Please note that we close on Friday 17th July at 2.30pm if you have any concerns after this time please use or via our contact page There will be a delay in response but someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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