KS4 Performing Arts

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Pearson, BTEC

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Homework Expectations

Students at KS4 Performing Arts are expected to be able to attend period 6 and sometimes period 7 for extra performance rehearsals, catch up log book sessions and semiotics training. They will have script work and devising work to learn throughout the course, research to complete for their log books and final evaluation notes to create after reflecting on their performances. Students are also given the chance to watch live performances, therefore they should be able to attend live theatre performances throughout the course and make notes after these performances on analysis of the production they have seen, linked to their qualification.

Information about the course

BTEC Tech Award Performing Arts is made up of three components: two that are internally assessed and one that’s externally assessed. There is a three-block structure to the course, explore, develop and apply. The BTEC has been designed to allow students to embed and build on their knowledge throughout the course, allowing them to grow in confidence, then put into practice what they have learned.

Component 1 – Exploring the Performing Arts
  • Aim: get a taste of what it’s like to be a professional actor, dancer or musical theatre performer.
  • Assessment: internally assessed assignments
  • Weighting: 30% of total course
Students will explore performance styles, creative intentions and purpose, investigate how practitioners create and influence what’s performed and discover performance roles, skills, techniques and processes.

Component 2 – Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts
  • Aim: develop skills and techniques in the chosen discipline(s) of acting, dance and musical theatre.
  • Assessment: internally assessed assignments
  • Weighting: 30% of total course
Students will take part in workshops, classes and rehearsals, gain physical, interpretative, vocal and rehearsal skills. Then be able to apply these skills in performance, reflect on their progress, their performances and how they could improve.

Component 3 – Performing to a Brief
  • Aim: consider how practitioners adapt their skills for different contexts, and put this into practice in a performance.
  • Assessment: externally assessed task, where students work in groups of between 3 and 7 members to create a performance based on a set brief.
  • Weighting: 40% of total course
Students will use the exam brief and previous learnings to come up with ideas that build on their skills in classes, workshops and rehearsals. There will be a review of the process using any of their ideas and skills from their log books. They then perform a piece to their chosen audience and reflect on their performance in an evaluation report.

Year 7 / Year 8 - Performing Arts

Information about the course

In Year 7 and 8 students will build up their knowledge of Performing Arts techniques and physical skills of performing. They develop social skills, problem solving and communication strategies. By the end of Year 7 they should understand how to select and experiment with different Drama conventions with awareness to interpretation and meaning. During Year 8 they will be introduced to more advance skills and techniques, so by the end of key stage 3 they should be using abstract forms alongside naturalistic performance skills. Throughout the two years they will develop a practical knowledge of a range of genres, which include contrasting dramatic and comic styles. They will develop oral appraise of performances, make consistent contributions to the Performing Arts process and continue to work well in different types and sizes of groups. It is also important that they continue to discuss what works effectively from both the process and performance stages of the Performing Arts, so they understand how to make effective progress for the future.

Homework Expectations

Students will be expected to learn scripted lines, work on any homework projects linked to the work they have undertaken in class and complete extra rehearsals for assessments if needed.