The Library is a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students. We aim to provide a positive influence, through support and guidance, to ensure that every student can access the necessary resources to enable them to achieve their full potential and to ultimately reach their goals.
The Library provides an opportunity for students to read, research, complete homework or study quietly and to borrow stimulating and enriching books. It is open after school where you can also take part in the many activities run everyday by the student librarians. Many students use the Library after Academy hours for Homework Club.

All books are labelled with Accelerated Reader reading codes to enable all students to manage their own progression in reading and for this progress to be tracked against national data. Each code has a wide range of genres to choose from. For staff, the Library can provide resources to support their students’ learning as well as offer a range of books for personal reading.

The Library currently holds more than 10,000 items in stock for students to access for homework or their own reading pleasure.

Our stock consists of both fiction and non-fiction books, a range of magazines, newspapers and listening books.

The Learning Resource Centre Manager actively promotes a lifelong love of reading with the students through various promotions held within the academy:

  • By encouraging students to read who are actively taking part in reading schemes,
  • Purchasing new book titles
  • By actively taking an interest in what the students are currently reading and suggesting other titles they may like to read.
  • By analysing the schools reading programme data weekly, more in depth termly so students can be provided with the support they may need to make progress.
  • By selecting small guided reading groups (based on Accelerated Reading data) to promote confidence and enjoyment with reading.

Reading Schemes: The Library runs and promotes the accelerated reading scheme within school and provides support where needed to students and their parents or guardians as detailed below.

Accelerated Reader Scheme

The Accelerated Reader (AR) scheme encourages Year 7,8 and 9 students to enjoy reading a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books that are available in the academy library, thereby supporting literacy in all areas of the curriculum.

The librarian and teachers have worked hard in promoting reading and understanding using books and online quizzes to ensure progression in the AR programme. Students can take quizzes from home once they have finished reading a book.

We have an amazing web app that you can click at home to help you select the next books you want to borrow from our library. Just one click on the link below will take you to an extensive selection of books available for your enjoyment.

For staff, the Library can provide resources to support their students’ learning as well as offer a range of books for personal reading.


Online Library

Would you like access to which books we have available in the library? Please click on the link below and either place the title of the book or author in the search bar. A list of all books applicable to your search will appear. If there is a green circle, it means the book is available in the library. If there is a red book, it means that the book is popular and is currently being read by another user. You can order this book and you will be notified when the book is returned to the library. If we do not have a book which you wish to read, please make a request and we will try to obtain that book for you.