Friday 29th January 2021


Over the last year we have been aiming to pull together a wealth of support mechanisms for parents/carers and our young people. I have shared many of these with you via this blog. To make this easier for you we have pulled all of these together into one document If you feel there is an area where we could support further please get in touch with us.

As an academy we are trying to save money to use on vital resources for young people. Every text message that we send out is a cost to the academy. We would love for every parent and carer to instead sign up to Xpressions - an app where we can update you for free instead of sending a costly text. Currently, nearly 50% of our parents and carers are using it. We would really love for this to be 100% - therefore, saving lots of money we can then direct to what children need. For this to work, please ensure we have your current mobile number and email address. Registration is then really easy, full details are here: Thank you for helping us to save money and remain in contact with you as required.

Last week I gave you an update from our parent survey. On Monday of this week we launched our student survey. We are looking forward to as many responses as possible to help us support our young people even further through this time. The survey closes on Monday 1st February 9am, please encourage your child to complete this.

We often receive from parents questions about how they can further support their child. One method is by signing up to Guardian Summaries. A detailed support area for this is here Guardian Summaries will allow you to see what work your child has been assigned and see whether they have completed this.

Just as in the real world, the security of student accounts is vital. Students have today been encouraged to change their passwords to something personable and memorable and to keep this a secret. This morning we have added a video to all year group classrooms showing how to do this, please encourage your child to change their password if they have not already.

In the news this week you will have read about a provisional date for schools to reopen and that we will be informed two weeks before the opening date. Life at the moment is very much a changing picture, when we know more and have any confirmed information we will be in contact with you.

Remember that all of the weekly blogs (which started in September 2020) are saved on our website on the home page

Take care and have a lovely weekend