Friday 15th January 2021


I write to you on a day where Wakefield is covered in snow, as beautiful as it is, it unfortunately left our site today in a very dangerous position. Personally, I am hoping for warmer weather to melt it off the paths and roads as soon as possible (it can stay on the fields and gardens!). My apologies that we were closed today to students, we are very much hoping to be back open on Monday (even though only to the lockdown provision).

Remote learning has ruled this week. It has been fantastic to see lots of students engaging in learning from home. Feedback so far has been amazing. We are constantly reviewing how we can support students even further and would love to hear your thoughts on what is going well and ideas for the future. Please use this link to contribute Responses so far have really supported our next steps.

Please remember to keep checking our website where there is a dedicated link for anything Covid related. We are constantly updating this with learning overviews, live lesson information etc As we come across anything which we feel will support, we are adding it to here for you.

Parents of Year 11. I appreciate how difficult this time must be for you and your child. It is absolutely vital that all students in Year 11 continue with lessons and learning and do not make the very wrong assumption that Year 11 is over. The majority of Year 11 are still doing an amazing job with this and their focus is great, please discuss this with your child. I do not want anyone to feel anxious and concerned when we return and resume our assessments ready for actual summer grades (irrespective of how they may look).

Past students, please arrange to collect your GCSE certificates if you do not already have them, The link is here: If not collected these are returned to exam board and are very expensive for you to purchase in the future.

We have amended our student praise focus to support virtual learning. There is lots more to come on this. I also added the text below to the Covid section of the website earlier this week. Taking the time out to thank or praise someone is always a beautiful thing.

In this last year, like many people, staff in schools have had to learn to work in a completely different way. Often, this is at incredibly short notice and is well outside of our comfort zone, and before we have even worked out one way of working, we are told to change it to something different again.
Teachers and support staff are people too. We get worried and scared, we have families and elderly relatives and we feel hurt when we are criticised. I know that we sometimes make mistakes and that we aren’t perfect and we’re happy for you to point this out to us, so that we can do it better next time but our challenge to you is not to use this as an easy way to have a dig but instead, to recognise and celebrate some of the wonderful work that our staff are doing.
So here’s what you can do:
1. Email the Principal, Mrs Allott, and let her know and she will pass this on to the member of staff concerned (‘Contact us’ via the website or
2. Email the member of staff from your child’s account to let them know how much you appreciate them.
3. Comment on our Twitter feed: @OutwoodFreeston
4. Let Ofsted or our government know what a great job school staff are doing in these almost impossible conditions.
Twitter: @Ofstednews
Twitter: @educationgovuk
For just 2 mins of your time, you will make someone’s day.

Stay safe and take care of yourself and of your friends and family (even if you cannot meet them physically)