Friday 16th October 2020


Staying in touch with your child’s learning is really important whether your child is learning in the academy or at home. We use Google Classroom for our online learning platform, students can access the in-academy lesson materials, supportive videos, demonstrations of techniques etc Students can also submit their work to the site and also receive feedback from their teachers. We have spent some time recently ensuring that new students know how to use Google Classroom and that all students have accepted invites into their subject classrooms. Students have a separate classroom for each of their subjects, a classroom for their year group and then there are additional classrooms for wellbeing etc
Parents, you can get involved too. ‘Guardian Summaries’ keeps you updated. Just complete the opt-in Google Form with your child and you can then select to receive daily or weekly learning updates. (Please note: this must be completed through their student Outwood google account).
These emails, known as ‘Guardian Summaries’, include information about missing work, upcoming work, and class activity including announcements and questions posted in the class stream.
For more information:
Google Form Quick Access:

Parents evenings this year will be taking place differently since we cannot welcome visitors into the academy as we normally would do. We will be sending out information after half term as to how we will be arranging a call with you.
Remember that the easiest way to contact us is via email on where we can forward your message onto the correct person, however, please remember that the majority of our staff spend their time away from their email supporting or teaching our wonderful students and therefore replies will be later in the day.
Also, don't forget our Twitter account which is updated often with amazing work from students as well as notices. @OutwoodFreeston

Times may be very different, but together we will support our young people through this.