Friday 18th September 2020


What an amazing full first week! Year 7 and 8 have completed the Academy Conduct Expectations (ACE) programme which culminated in a classroom based celebration at the end of today with an ice lolly treat. It is absolutely fabulous to have these young people in our academy. Year 11 and Year 10 have worked exceptionally hard on GCSE preparation, fully understanding that the hard work starts immediately to reap the rewards. Not forgetting Year 9 who have brilliantly started the year long transition and progression into their GCSE’s.

Attendance has started off really well, this is so important in order to support learning, progress and social and mental wellbeing.

Our academy has felt safe. A huge thank you to Mrs Perkins and our premises team for preparing the site ready for our return. All staff and students (who are not exempt) have played their part wonderfully in supporting safety by wearing their mask or visor when not sat at lunch or in a classroom. Everyone is following the one way system and appropriate doors. I am so proud of them for following this and keeping everyone as safe as possible. Parents and carers, thank you for supporting us. We do have disposable masks on the gate for those who have forgotten, however, please try to encourage your child to bring their own. I have seen lots of truly amazing ones. I am thinking we may need a competition to identify the best ones. Remember that our full risk assessment is on the website.

Personally, I love the image for this blog, but you may have to be a certain age to get it!