Mental Health and Wellbeing Update


Staff at our Academy have recently undertaken some training from the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust to support the mental health and wellbeing of students at Outwood Academy Freeston.

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust is a charity organisation which aims to help people understand the issues around mental health and what can be done to help those who are struggling to maintain a positive mental health. Set up in 1997 after Charlie Waller sadly took his own life, his family founded the trust to educate people on the importance of staying mentally healthy.

The training itself tackled a variety of issues affecting young people from anxiety, stress and self-harm. Staff identified the warning signs of poor mental health and there were some excellent discussions about how to encourage positive coping mechanisms when faced with challenging situations. The statistics surrounding mental health were (and still are) quite alarming which reinforced the reason as to why mental health and wellbeing is so important.

At the end of the training session, all staff received a small green ribbon pin badge – the emblem of mental health. Our students have been informed that they can feel safe and confident discussing their mental health concerns with any member of staff. By wearing the badge, staff are showing their commitment to eradicating the stigma around mental health and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing within our Academy.